Upgrades to your electrical system can be beneficial because they can increase the value of your home, lower your electricity bills, and help ensure that you’re safe from electrical shocks and power surges. They can also help to ensure that your home complies with the National Electrical Code (NEC)’s electrical requirements for residential properties. Here are seven electrical upgrades a homeowner in Palm Bay, FL should consider during renovations.

1. Electrical Rewiring

Old wiring can overload your breakers and cause a major safety hazard. Additionally, having open wires can lead to electrical shocks and electrical fires.

Home renovation is the best time for electricians to change the electrical wiring because they can easily access the wires hidden behind walls. These experts can install new cables, circuits, and switches to ensure that your home is safe. This is also the best time for electricians to eliminate any electrical system issue that’s inadequate or unsafe.

2. Electrical Panel

Modern homes in Palm Bay, FL have a higher electrical demand than older houses. Having an outdated electrical panel in such a home increases the fire risk and endangers the safety of your family and property.

For this reason, homeowners should consider installing a modern electrical panel during a home renovation. An advanced panel will meet their lifestyle demands and improve their home’s safety by preventing regular circuit breaker tripping.

3. Install Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are vital because they protect your appliances and electrical equipment during a major electrical storm. Whole-home surge protection is better than having several single surge protector strips for different appliances. The former will give you peace of mind and the assurance that your systems are safe at all times.

4. Install Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are important devices to invest in during a home renovation project. They switch off the power when one or more appliances contact moisture.

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), you should install circuit breakers in the kitchen and near any appliance stationed close to a water source. Ensure that you contact a skilled contractor to do the installation.

5. Install LED Lighting

Today, advancement in LED technologies has led to the invention of smart bulbs and electrical tubes. These lights produce brighter light, consume less power, and run cooler than the standard light bulbs.

Therefore, installing LED lights during your home’s renovation will decorate your space and improve the lighting. It will also effectively reduce your energy bills.

Moreover, you should invest in outdoor lights as you renovate your home. Floodlights, motion sensor lights, and spotlights are some of the lights you can install outside the house. Besides adding more security to your home, outdoor lighting also illuminates the dark spots in your compound.

6. Light Switches

Most homeowners today are attentive to the type of atmosphere they’d like to create in their homes. For this reason, they are adept at choosing the perfect lights and combining them with modern switches to create the perfect art of ambiance.

Fortunately, there are different types of switches from which you can choose. These include the 3-way panel sliders and dimmer switches. Experienced electricians can advise you on different lighting options and light switches that can meet your lifestyle and your family’s needs.

7. Smart Home Upgrades

You should consider doing some smart home upgrades as you plan your home’s renovation. These include installing smart locks and a smart thermostat. Motion detector security lights and smart light bulbs are also important.

Smart home innovations have become more popular in the last decade due to the safety and convenience they offer. For instance, a smart thermostat enables you to control the temperatures in your home from your personal computer or smartphone. Additionally, smart light bulbs automatically control the lighting and temperatures in a room to save energy and increase comfort.

In summary, the best time to make electrical upgrades is when you’re remodeling your home. If you have a renovation project, contact our qualified and licensed electrical contractors at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC to install your lighting fixtures.

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