A properly functioning electrical system makes life easier and minimizes the risk of dangers like house fires and electrocution. When an electrical problem occurs at your home in Cocoa Beach, FL, you need repairs performed by a professional electrician who can fix the issue correctly. In this guide, we’ll discuss seven warning signs of electrical problems. If you spot any of these signs, call a qualified technician immediately to take care of them before they cause harm.

1. Loose Power Outlets

All your power outlets need to be intact whenever you plug or unplug a device. However, if you notice some shifting when using the power outlets, it could be mean your electrical system needs checking. Also, loose power outlets can cause a shock upon unplugging.

These problems often occur due to a loose connection and could cause serious issues if not addressed in time. To avoid electric shocks and other electrical hazards in your home, consider calling a professional to conduct an inspection and make any necessary repairs to your electrical system.

2. Blown Fuses

While blown fuses are not necessarily a cause for alarm, frequently blown fuses might indicate you have a problem that needs professional attention. Repeatedly blown fuses could suggest that you have old wiring or malfunctioning circuits that need to be replaced.

Such issues are usually extremely diffiv=cult to identify without the appropriate training and experience. Get a skilled technician to diagnose the exact nature of the problem and recommend a suitable course of action.

3. Frayed Wires

Your electrical wires can fray for different reasons, including excessive bending or twisting, exposure to heat, or corrosion. Nails and screws piercing through the walls near electrical wires can cause significant fraying. Wires can also become frayed if animals such as rats or mice make their way into your walls and chew on or claw at the wiring.

Regardless of the cause, damaged electrical wires in your home are an accident waiting to happen. If you spot frayed or damaged wiring, make sure to turn off the power for that area of the house immediately call for expert assistance.

4. Lighting Issues

Lighting issues in your home can occur due to faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit. For instance, you might experience dimming lights when you turn on a microwave or some other electric la appliance.

When this happens, consider having a service technician check the circuit breaker or fuse box and inspect the wiring  Lighting issues tend to be inconvenient and frustrating. They can also create safety hazards associated with reduced visibility.

5. Buzzing Sounds

Upon installation, your switches and power outlets should operate without any kind of noticeable noise. Strange sounds originating from your electrical outlets and devices demand immediate attention.

Whether you hear sizzling, buzzing, or crackling when you plug in or flip a switch into an outlet, any sound coming from your electrical devices needs serious attention. These noises could indicate overheating components or issues with the wiring that need a skilled electrician to examine and fix.

6. Unfamiliar Burning Odor

A new electrical device can produce a funny odor upon installation. This odor could occur as a result of the device’s paint and finish. However, if you detect an unfamiliar and scary scent of plastic burning in your home, it could indicate circuit issues or wiring problems.

If these issues produce too much heat, your home could be at risk for a fire. If you experience this problem, call a professional electrician right away to examine and repair your wiring system. In the meantime, cut off the power immediately, call a professional, and double-check your fire extinguisher just in case.

7. Arc Faults

Arc faults are a common cause of electrical fires in homes. They can occur due to corroded materials or because of mistakes made when the electrical system was originally installed. You can help prevent arc problems by installing an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI).

This device is particularly helpful in older homes with degraded electrical wiring. A professional can install the device correctly to ensure it’s working correctly.

Call Extreme Air & Electric, LLC for all your electrical repair needs. We understand that you rely on electricity to keep your home running smoothly. That’s why we perform timely, cost-effective, and efficient electrical repairs that help keep you safe. Our skilled electricians are trustworthy, and you can rely on us to correct any electrical malfunctions in your Cocoa Beach, FL, home.

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