Your ductwork helps you feel comfortable in your home in every season, whether it is hot or cold outside. It is important to keep your ductwork as pristine and as clean as possible and in the best condition in your West Melbourne, FL, home. Certain signs can help you discover if you need new ductwork in your home.

Age of Your Ducts

You can determine if you need new ductwork or ductwork maintenance based on how old your system is. Most ductwork will last for as long as 15 years before it will start to become damaged, so it is important to consider the moment that you installed your current ductwork. Improper installation causes your ductwork to last a shorter length of time, however.

Professionals should install ductwork in a way that avoids any mistakes or damage. Any faulty installation will cause your HVAC system to have to work twice as hard, causing costly energy bills. This extra workload will cause your system to age quicker, requiring sooner replacement and more repairs over the years.

Ductwork Inspection

Begin inspecting your ductwork at any exposed locations. Look for any holes, tears, or cracks in the system in these locations to find an area that may need repair. You can also look for any joints that are no longer together as well as tape that is coming off.

Your thermostat will not record the correct temperature if there are any cracks or holes in your ducts. The air will escape from the holes, and it will be unable to collect in the air of your home or room. The thermostat simply reads the temperature of the air that is in the ductwork rather than the temperature of the room.


Visit every room of your home to determine if the air is circulating in the way that it should. You can pay certain attention to any irregularities in the temperature or in how much air is coming out. We can help you determine if you need new ductwork or duct cleaning.

You will also notice excess dust in rooms of your home where there is no proper airflow. The dust and debris go into the ductwork through the HVAC system cycle, where it is then pushed back out into the air of your home. You will notice that you have to perform more cleaning or that your loved ones are suffering from worsening allergies.

Watch Bills

You may notice a significant fluctuation in your energy costs, including a much higher energy bill than usual if your ductwork is not working as it should. Your HVAC system will be working twice as hard to keep you comfortable in your home if the air is not circulating properly. You will need to start looking for leaks or any deterioration in your ductwork as soon as you notice a significant rise in your bill.

Ductwork is much less expensive than continually paying high energy bills that will add up significantly over time. You will pay, at most, a couple of hundred dollars for any new duct that is installed in your home. You may not have to replace every unit at one time, but prices may vary depending on if your ductwork is difficult to reach.

Duct Blower Test

Our team can also perform a duct blower test to determine if your ductwork is in proper condition. We will measure how much air is leaking from the ducts directly with the testing equipment. You can replace any duct units that seem to be leaking a substantial amount of air.

Call Extreme Air & Electric, LLC when you are in need of ductwork services, including replacement or repairs. We will perform and provide any initial inspections and tests necessary to determine the specific services that you may need in your home.

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