Workers are the pillar of any business. But many factors, including indoor air quality, impact your business’s productivity in Palm Bay, FL. Read on to learn how poor air quality can impact your business.

1. Increased Absenteeism and Sick Leave

The workforce is the highest expense of any company, and absenteeism and sick leaves mean the company loses its productivity and, consequently, profits. The leading cause of the high rate of sick leaves is air pollution. It not only worsens existing medical conditions but causes new ones.

Workers can also acquire sick building syndrome, which causes them to get infected or suffer symptoms of chronic ailment from their residing or working building. Volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene in the building are the cause of sick building syndrome. Furnishings, disinfectants, and fresh paints produce volatile organic compounds.

Health effects of sick building syndrome include nausea, throat, and nose irritation, loss of coordination, headache, and worsening of asthma. While symptoms of sick building syndrome take time to show up, daily exposure to volatile organic compounds can lead to it. Ignoring volatile organic compounds in your business exposes your workers to the possibility of long-term effects like visual disorder, memory impairment, liver damage, kidney damage, and issues related to the central nervous system.

2. Decreased Productivity

Productivity is any company’s desire, and air pollution can reduce productivity significantly with its cognitive effects. While workers may think they work in a cozy and safe environment, the impacts of outdoor exposure don’t end at the door.

Indoor air pollution can not only make your workers sick but also less productive. It negatively affects the performance of not only labor-intense workers but also those working indoors at desk jobs.

Fine dust causes brain inflammation, and after long-term exposure, it can take time to return to normal. This condition makes it hard for workers to concentrate.

The particulate substance is not the only culprit. Volatile organic compounds can also impair memory, making it difficult to multitask and communicate in the office.

Carbon dioxide makes it challenging for your workers to concentrate and can also cause them to feel worn out. All these lead to low productivity in a business.

3. Lost Opportunities

We are in the 21st century where we assume scientists understand everything about the effects of poor indoor air quality. But they’re uncovering more effects of air pollution all the time. Among these effects is how poor air quality impacts risk aversion and decision making.

Air pollution decreases your workers’ cognitive ability and confidence in making decisions. It makes them reluctant to take risks, which reduces potential returns.

While you can’t generalize market trading, high-level positions in a business need cognitive-demanding skills. But after exposure to air pollution, those skills tend to decline.

Risk aversion can also make strategic planners lose vital opportunities. This shows air pollution’s economic impacts on your business are more encompassing and lifelong than you expect.

4. Reduced Business Growth

Even if you have a solid and stable profit margin and you have a staffed office, the effects of poor air quality can impact your business growth and reach. People consider a high level of air pollution undesirable to work or live in. This can hinder your ability to attract competent and skilled employees.

5. Drain on the Global Economy

While population health is essential, that’s not the only thing that poor air quality affects. Air pollution is also a concern as it racks up thousands of dollars of labor income annually.

Indoor and outdoor air quality both affect your employees’ health. Businesses and employees aren’t the only ones that suffer from poor air quality; the global economy does too.

If you worry about your employees’ productivity and business success, contact us at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC to schedule AC maintenance, repair and installation to enhance your indoor air quality.

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