As temperatures rise, air conditioners become essential to our lives. They help us stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. However, an inefficient AC can be frustrating and costly; the following are signs of an inefficient AC in Rockledge, FL.

Old Age

If your system is over 10 years old, it’s likely not working as efficiently as it should be. Older systems are typically less efficient than newer models, leading to higher energy bills and poor air quality. Additionally, older systems are more prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, which can be costly.

If your system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be time to consider a replacement. Be sure to choose a model that is energy efficient and properly sized for your home.

Your System Runs Constantly

If you notice that your air conditioner runs non-stop, it’s a clear sign that it’s not working efficiently. An inefficient AC will struggle to reach the set temperature, causing it to run continuously to cool your home.

This puts extra strain on your system and increases your energy bills, which can be a significant financial burden. If your AC runs constantly, it’s time to call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem.

The Temperature Isn’t Consistent Throughout Your House

An inefficient air conditioner will struggle to distribute cool air evenly throughout your home. This results in temperature inconsistencies.

Differing temperatures can be particularly frustrating when you need your AC to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. If you’re experiencing temperature inconsistencies, it’s essential to have your system inspected by a professional.

Frequent Repairs

While occasional repairs are normal, if you find yourself calling in a technician every few months, it indicates something is wrong. Inefficient AC units are more likely to break down and require repairs than efficient ones. Frequent repairs can be expensive and frustrating.

So, addressing the problem immediately is essential. An HVAC technician can inspect your air conditioner and recommend whether it’s more cost-effective to repair it or whether it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Your AC’s air filters play an essential role in keeping the air in your home clean and healthy by trapping dust, dirt, and other particles. Over time, however, these filters can become clogged with dirt and debris. This restricts airflow and reduces your AC’s efficiency.

When your AC’s air filters are dirty, your system has to work harder to circulate cool air throughout your home. This extra strain on your system can cause it to consume more energy, resulting in higher energy bills.

Clogged air filters can also lead to poor air quality in your home, exacerbating allergies and respiratory problems. To avoid these problems, you should check your filters at least once a month and replace them every one to three months, depending on how dirty they are.

Thermostat Troubles

Your thermostat tells your AC unit when to turn on and off. If your thermostat isn’t working correctly, it can cause your AC unit to run longer than necessary, leading to higher energy bills.

Some common signs of thermostat troubles include a thermostat that is not responsive, incorrect temperature readings, and incorrect thermostat calibration. Consider replacing your thermostat or calibrating it professionally to fix this issue.

Strange Noises

Various problems, including loose parts, worn-out belts, or faulty motors, can cause unusual noises. If you hear any strange noises coming from your air conditioner, it’s essential to have it inspected by an HVAC technician. Ignoring the problem can lead to further damage and a more expensive repair bill.

An inefficient AC can be frustrating, costly, and uncomfortable. Therefore, if you live in Rockledge, FL, and the surrounding cities, don’t wait until your AC breaks down completely. Contact us at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC, and schedule regular maintenance checks with our professional HVAC technicians.

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