You should not neglect the routine maintenance of your HVAC system in Viera, FL. Maintenance keeps your equipment in optimal condition, extending its lifetime and effectiveness. This guide explains why it’s important to schedule spring maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

Why Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance?

When you schedule professional maintenance, the technician will inspect various parts of your HVAC system. This is to ensure that they all operate properly to keep your home comfortable and safe.

In between professional maintenance visits, it’s important for you to check on your system, too. Things you can do to protect the system and keep it performing at its best in spring include:

  • Change air filters: If you value clean and clear air, make sure the air filters are clean as well. Air filters suck up dust and debris from the air and spread it on the other HVAC system components.
  • Check air ducts: Take some time to check all your visible ductwork for cracks before using the cooling system for the first time in warm weather.
  • Clear the outside unit: Make sure to carefully clean the coils of your outdoor HVAC equipment with a garden hose.
  • Listen for strange noises: Turn the cooling system on and listen for strange sounds. Your HVAC specialist can address any major concerns.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your HVAC system running for a long time. Here are reasons why you should keep your HVAC components in good shape and schedule a spring maintenance visit.

Longer Equipment Life

Over the lifespan of your HVAC system, regular maintenance saves you money. A professional can diagnose and fix issues during a maintenance visit, preventing more serious issues like system failure in the warmer months.

Components can suffer from undue wear and tear in the absence of routine maintenance. This leads to a short equipment lifespan and a reduction in production. Spring maintenance increases the lifespan of your machine.

Fewer Repairs and More Reliable Service

At one point or another, many HVAC systems need some emergency repair. Units that are well-managed during the spring months are less likely to fail or wear down during summer. Keeping your cooling system up-to-date on all maintenance and inspection tests means less worry that it will break down and fail when you need it most.

Mid-season crashes are more than just a drawback. They may have a detrimental impact on those with health conditions in the event of warm weather and humidity. Routine annual maintenance can help you spot most problems when they are minor and prevent service interruption when you need it most.

Safer Equipment Operation

Your HVAC system can potentially become a fire hazard if you neglect it. An HVAC technician can clean your system, check the electrical connections, and look for any issues that may require additional repairs.

If you have an older cooling system that has not received service in years, this is extremely important. You will reduce the danger of an electrical fire and safeguard yourself and your equipment.

Improved Air Quality

Spring comes with warmer and more humid air in the Viera, FL, area. It is also a season for higher pollen levels and increased allergens. Your system needs attention to make sure you get the best air quality possible this spring and reduce allergens at home.

Improved Comfort

To keep your household happy and comfortable year-round, you rely on your HVAC system. Regular maintenance allows the system to generate warm or cold air and disperse it more consistently. It also decreases the chances that you will come home to find that the temperature of your home is much different than what you set on your thermostat.

Scheduling your maintenance service can help you stave off uncomfortable temperatures or other unseen issues with your system. Call our experts at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC Services to get the maintenance and efficiency you deserve from your HVAC system.

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