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Is Your Indoor Air Causing Allergies? Get Your Ducts Cleaned!

Allergies can be bad year round in Florida, but particularly in the fall. Although we can’t control the dust and pollen in the air we can control the dust and pollen that is in our homes. Duct cleaning is one way to combat this! Allergens are all around us and often we consider remaining indoors to avoid the cause, but in some cases this is like getting out of the frying pan into the fire. Your indoor air can be even more polluted with allergens than the air outside.

Indoor Air Quality & Indoor Allergies

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology almost half of all homes can contain at least six detectable allergens like mold, dust and pet hair. And the allergens can affect you all year long not just during high pollen times of year.

Duct cleaning the removal of dirt, debris, mold and allergens from the inside of your ducts. If there is stuff hanging out inside your ducts, when you turn on your AC or furnace guess what gets blown around your home? All that lovely build up! Duct cleaning removes all of this and combined with regular air filter changes you can get debris and dust free air in your home.