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How Often Should I Get My AC Tuned-Up?

With the summer months fast approaching, it's time to consider the condition of your AC unit before you put it hard to work cooling your home. Keeping your AC unit working its best is crucial during the hot summer months, and whether your system is older or brand spanking new, you still need to have it tuned-up on a regular basis.

Why and how often you need an AC tune-up

At Extreme Air & Electric, we are often asked if an AC tune-up is really necessary, and we have learned that many homeowners feel that if their AC unit is new, then paying for a tune-up is just an added expense that lines the pockets of the AC company. The truth is that your system unit needs to be tuned twice a year to keep it running and operating its best. Just like a new car needs to be tuned up and the oil changed, your HVAC unit requires the same care and maintenance.

How an AC tune-up can save you thousands of dollars

Let's say you have a brand new AC unit but fail to have it tuned up twice a year. If you encounter a problem with your brand new unit, your manufacturer's warranty may not cover the cost of repairs or replacement if you failed to have semi-annual maintenance on your AC unit which leaves you stuck with the repair bill. We understand that everyone wants to save money where they can, but skimping on HVAC maintenance can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Regular tune-ups will also detect any problems within your system that could lead to more costly repairs down the road. By detecting and fixing the problem before it leads to something more serious, you can save hundreds of dollars on unnecessary repairs.

What an AC tune-up involves

A quality tune-up should include the following:

Cleaning: A thorough cleaning involves a comprehensive cleaning of your units condenser coils to remove dust, debris and any other foreign matter that limits the efficiency of your AC unit. A thorough cleaning will increase efficiency and help lower your energy bills.

Coolant level check: Your system's coolant level should be inspected to ensure optimal operating performance. A proper tune-up will also include the lubrication of all moving parts for greater efficiency.

Evaluation of blower and blower belt: An inspection of the blower motor and blower belt should be performed to ensure they are in good working condition with no signs of stress.

Thermostat calibration: A thermostat calibration should be done to ensure that the HVAC system operates at the desired temperature settings. 

Evaluation of electrical components: All electrical connections and components should be inspected and tightened to make sure your system is operating safely.

Inspection of ductwork: A thorough inspection of all ductwork should be done to ensure there are no areas of energy loss or air leakage.

The last thing you want during a hot summer is a home with a broken down AC unit. Our skilled and reliable technicians at Extreme Air & Electric will ensure that your home is cool and comfortable this summer by performing a comprehensive tune-up on your AC unit to make sure everything is working as it should. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and get your summer started off to a cool start.