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Why Isn’t My AC Blowing Cold Air?

Is there anything more frustrating than having to deal with a hot and humid day only to discover that your air conditioner isn't working? In today's society, we tend to rely on many technological advances to help our lives run more smoothly.

Why Isn’t My AC Blowing Cold Air?

While cell phones and internet access are great, there is nothing more frustrating than having to handle a sweltering day without having that beautiful blast of cold air coming in from the air conditioner. Don't sit there angry, wondering what to do, check these pointers and learn a little more about your home. Think of it like you're learning to become your very own HVAC technician in training, but no worries, if you're stumped on the issue, give us a call! Here at Extreme Air & Electric, we have the training and proper equipment to quickly find the issue. 

  • Check the Thermostat

Would you believe that it's possible that your air conditioner isn't functioning properly simply because the thermostat was set incorrectly? Let's check here first, it's the device that tells your HVAC what to do in the first place. Did someone in the home mess with the thermostat other than you? All they have to do is turn the dial the wrong way, or accidentally push the buttons, and now you're playing the blame game.

If it's battery operated, check the display, is it on? Is the unit completely unresponsive to you adjusting the temperature higher or lower? If your thermostat is reading 75 degrees and you're still experiencing hot air, then maybe this isn't it unless you physically can see any loose wiring. If you do see loose wiring, do not touch it, call Extreme Air & Electric.

  • Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers can be an out of sight, out of mind part of the home. Be sure you learn where it's located on your property. Let's check this device next. A circuit breaker trips when an excessive amount of energy is being sent through. The tripping of the breaker is meant to try to prevent any electrical issues due to extra output. Many air conditioners have two circuit breakers: an outside breaker and an inside breaker.

If you notice any of the switches are off, it may be time for a reset. Oftentimes, resetting the breaker one-time can fix the problem. It is essential to know, however, that you should only reset the breaker once because if you reset it too many times, it could cause lasting damage to your air conditioning unit.

  • The Refrigerant is Low + Damaged Condenser

The refrigerant is what is inside of your air conditioning unit that helps to make the air that is pumped into your home icy cold. You should never need to replace refrigerant because it is not supposed to run out. The coolant runs on a closed loop. There are, however, times when a refrigerant leak happens. It's often easy to tell if you have a refrigerant leak because you will hear a hissing noise while the air conditioner is trying to work, and you may also find icy buildup on the air conditioner.

Ice tends to build up on the evaporator coil, which means the unit never hits the desired temperature to trigger the shutoff. If it continues to run, it will eventually send warm air through your home. As mentioned above, if your refrigerant is no longer turning back into liquid after leaving the compressor, the condenser will ice over. Your condenser might be damaged. 

  • Air Leaks

The air running through your air ducts go throughout the home. If any of the canals in the system are open in any way, air will leak through it. Thus, your cold air could be filling up a room you're not in or the air can be sent into an area of your home you aren't near.

Running out of air conditioning can be maddening, but our experts at Extreme Air & Electric are here to help you. When you contact Extreme Air & Electric, you can expect a real person at the end of the line, ready to accommodate your request. We act swiftly and respond to your needs equipped with the tools and system parts you might need so you won’t have to endure a faulty HVAC or electrical system for long