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The Top 5 Reasons To Go Ductless

A ductless mini split is similar to a central air conditioner or heat pump in that they an outdoor condenser that houses the compressor and condenser coil and an indoor unit that contains an evaporator coil and a filter. If it’s a heat pump, it has a reversing valve that switches the refrigerant flow so it can both heat and cool.

These HVAC appliances are perfect for home additions, retrofits, or small spaces. They have distinct advantages compared to other heating and cooling systems.

1. High Energy Efficiency

Compared to the same size central air conditioner or heat pump, a ductless system offers more energy savings for several reasons. First, they don’t use ductwork, so there are no thermal or air losses that are common with ducted systems. Second, many ductless systems have upgraded features that contribute to energy savings.

A ductless mini split is more likely to have an inverter that vastly improves efficiency than a central system. An inverter adjusts the running speed of the system based on the needs for cooling. Instead of turning off when the air has reached the thermostat’s setting, the compressor slows down even more but still keeps running.

HVAC equipment that comes to a complete stop between cycles uses much more electricity when it first starts. Not only does this increase energy bills, but it also hastens wear and tear on all the parts, including the compressor. The compressor is the most expensive part of an air conditioner or heat pump.

2. Easy Installation

There’s no doubt that the lack of ductwork makes installing ductless systems much more accessible than central equipment. The manufacturers also make it simpler since all the components are ready to connect at your home. All the installers have to do is drill a narrow hole in the exterior to run the conduit that connects the exterior condenser and the interior air handler.

Within this conduit, it contains the refrigerant, power and drain pipe. One end connects to either the air handler and another to the outdoor condenser. The factory installs the coolant, so there is no need to worry about having someone provide any during installation. Small ductless systems can run off a 110-volt outlet, while your HVAC technician may need to put in a 220-volt outlet for a larger unit.

3. Lack of Ductwork

Besides the energy efficiency that the lack of ductwork provides, you’ll also benefit from cleaner indoor air. Ducts can collect dust and debris and even become home to nesting insects and vermin. When these ducts collect this debris, it has to get cleaned out, and biannually is the best route to take. If they’re too small for the size of the HVAC system they serve, they could be noisy as well.

4. Versatile

Extreme Air & Electric can place the air handler in the room or space in a convenient area. Air handlers are also available that sit just above the ceiling and can blow air directly into the room. Such a system is unobtrusive and easy to decorate around. You won’t have to avoid placing artwork or furniture in a room because the vents are in the way.

5. Safety

Sometimes people debate whether to install a wall or window air conditioner or a ductless system. If there’s any doubt in your mind, consider your personal and home safety. It’s possible to remove the air conditioner to enter your home from the outdoors. The hole the ductless mini split has to connect it to the condenser is seldom over three inches in diameter, which is far too small to enter.

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