While winter in West Melbourne, FL clearly doesn’t get as cold as the Midwest or many other parts of the country, you can still sometimes need heating on the chilliest winter nights. Consider these four differences between furnaces and heat pumps to make it easier to decide which heating system is better for you.

1. Furnaces Need a Fuel Source

To heat your home, most furnaces need a fuel source such as oil or gas. The fuel source then burns in a combustion chamber, and the heated air flows through your ductwork and into your home. A furnace also has fewer mechanical parts and generally requires a little less maintenance.

2. Furnaces Are Better Suited for Cold Climates

Furnaces are a popular choice in parts of the country where the winters are colder. However, in warmer climates such as Florida’s, heat pumps are a more suitable choice.

According to the climate zone map from the International Code Council, a furnace is a better choice for those who live in Climate Zones 4 through 7, while a heat pump works better for those who live in Climate Zones 1 through 3. Most of Florida, including West Melbourne, is in Zone 2.

3. Heat Pumps Don’t Generate Heat

Instead of burning fuel to create heat, a heat pump pulls heat from the outside air to warm your home slowly. A heat pump is an air conditioning unit that reverses the refrigeration cycle to heat your home rather than cool it. Heat pumps cost less to install and operate more quietly than furnaces.

4. Heat Pumps Are More Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are a great choice for energy-efficiency, even over high-efficiency furnaces. According to Trane.com, a high-efficiency gas furnace is 95% efficient, but an electrically powered heat pump, which often transfers more energy than it uses, can be more than 100% efficient.

Our skilled technicians can help you keep your home warm this winter with a heating system that suits your needs. Contact Extreme Air & Electric, LLC, today to learn about the heat pump options available to you.

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