An efficient heat pump allows you to save on energy costs and enjoy more comfort. A heat pump’s efficiency is dependent on several factors. Below, we will cover factors that can impact your heat pump’s efficiency in Melbourne, FL.

1. Your Heat Pump’s Age

Any machine’s efficiency drops as it ages. A heat pump is no different. Usually, you will start noticing conspicuous signs that indicate your system’s efficiency has reduced after it surpasses the 10-year mark.

Consider buying a new heat pump if the one you are using is older than 10 years. Newer heat pumps come with newer technologies that maximize comfort and allow you to enjoy reduced energy bills.

2. A Clogged Air Filter

An air filter improves indoor air quality by trapping pollutants that make rounds in your indoor air space. It also prevents these pollutants from contaminating your heat pump’s parts. As more contaminants accumulate on the filter, they block it.

Your heat pump has a difficult time pulling air through this clogged filter. Consequently, it cannot heat your home efficiently. Inspect your filter at least once a month and change it as necessary to ensure proper airflow and efficient operation of your heat pump.

3. Skipping Maintenance

Maintenance helps to increase a system’s efficiency by fixing issues such as clogged air filters, dirty coils, worn-out belts, and faulty electrical components. Scheduling regular maintenance helps to take care of system problems before they deteriorate.

4. Your Heat Pump’s Size

A heat pump can either be undersized, oversized, or the right size for your home. An undersized system runs without pausing, causing your energy bill and repair costs to shoot up.

An oversized system turns on and off multiple times, causing your system components to wear out quicker than they should. Using the appropriately sized heat pump for your home allows you to enjoy even temperature distribution without having to pay enormous repair and energy costs.

Contact Extreme Air & Electric, LLC. for professional heat pump services this winter. Our technicians possess multiple years of experience working on different types of HVAC systems.

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