Electrical panels are among the vital electrical points in your Cocoa Beach, FL home. It’s essential to keep an eye on them and repair or replace electrical panels when necessary to keep them operating correctly. Here are some warning signs that could indicate you need to upgrade your electrical panel.

1. You Constantly Have to Flip Breakers

The electrical panel will trip when appliances or an area in your home draws too much power. If it constantly trips, you may need to hire a professional to inspect the breaker and upgrade it to meet your current electrical needs.

2. Your Panel Is Old

The average lifespan of electrical panels often ranges from 25 to 40 years, depending on the wear and tear and power surges. If yours is over 25 years old, you might want to consider an upgrade. An electrician can inspect the panel and advise whether an upgrade is necessary.

3. Not Enough Outlets

You might need to upgrade your electrical panel if it lacks the necessary outlets. If the current panel can no longer accommodate new circuits, a replacement might be necessary so that you get circuits to ruin the outlets. You need an electrician to help choose and install the new electrical panel.

4. Your Home Doesn’t Have Breakers

If your electrical panel uses fuses rather than breakers, it’s time to upgrade. If a fuse blows, you’ll have to replace it instead of simply flipping a switch if the panel has a circuit breaker. Since you don’t want to replace fuses whenever they blow, you might use too-large fuses that can cause electrical fires.

Talk to an electrician for an upgrade if these signs sound familiar. DIY electrical projects aren’t advisable because of their dangers to you and your home. Call Extreme Air & Electric, LLC for professional electrical installation and more information about electrical panels.

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