As an energy-conscious Melbourne, FL resident, it’s important to understand how low energy use and long-lasting residential HVAC equipment work together. Read on to learn how to make your home’s heat pump last longer.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

It may not be easy to get everyone in your Melbourne, FL household to agree on a constant temperature. However, keeping the thermostat set at a consistent temperature will help your heat pump to last longer. You can use a programmed thermostat to raise or lower the temperature by 10°F overnight to help your heat pump use less energy and work less.

2. Replace Your Air Filter

Regularly replacing the HVAC air filter helps prevent dust and other impurities from getting into your HVAC system and your ductwork. It also helps to ensure that the air in your ductwork flows smoothly. If you neglect your HVAC system’s air filter, it will take longer to achieve the desired temperature or may potentially short cycle.

3. Clean the Outdoor Unit

When the exterior unit is not covered by falling twigs and leaves and has enough area for ventilation, your heat pump will simply function better. Trim any bushes or grass to allow three feet of space for the unit. Also, clear any debris to help maximize airflow and extend the life of your heat pump.

4. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

You can further help to ensure that your system is functioning at an optimal level by scheduling seasonal maintenance visits. Our licensed professionals will inspect and clean your system, calibrate your equipment, and let you know if we notice any potential problems.

We can help you whether you need a tune-up, prompt repairs, or you’re looking to replace your current system. Call now to speak with the HVAC specialists at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC We go over and beyond to keep your Melbourne, FL HVAC equipment working properly.

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