Summers can be brutal in West Melbourne, FL. Consequently, the cost of cooling your house can be huge. We take you through ways to cut down your electric bills and save a few bucks.

Save Through Your Air Conditioner

You don’t really need your air conditioner while sleeping. Turning it off while you have a good night’s sleep will reduce your energy bills significantly. Also, consider adjusting the temperature before leaving your house during the day.

Keeping your air conditioner clean makes it more efficient. Dirty or clogged filters disrupt normal airflow.

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters or regularly replacing them is of paramount importance to save energy. An efficient AC system can reduce your energy usage by 5% to 15%.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Most smart thermostats have interesting and helpful features such as motion detectors. This means they regulate temperature accordingly when you are home and when you’re away.

Some of these devices have amazing learning abilities, so they can accommodate your temperature preferences, setting your living space’s temperature to the exact level you need. Some smart thermostats have a low power standby feature that they activate when you are not home. They can also activate this feature when you are asleep to save on energy costs.


Lighting takes 5%–10% of an average home’s energy budget. Investing in LED lights and also using natural lighting can make a significant difference in your electricity bill.

You might also want to consider investing in lights that work with motion detectors. However insignificant it may seem, switching off unneeded lights will take a chunk out of your electricity bill.


Low-solar-gain windows can cut your cooling costs by roughly 32% during summer. You might also want to use a reflective window film on your window panes. This film is essential for lowering the quantity of heat coming into your living space.

Not only does hot weather cause heat exhaustion, but it also encourages some bacteria to thrive. That’s another reason why investing in cost-effective cooling techniques is crucial in the summer heat.

Call our team at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC, for an honest assessment of your HVAC needs and quality workmanship to meet them. You can learn more on our website about the different services that we offer.

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