The risk that you’ll suffer a house fire rises when you ignore the signs of problems with your electrical wiring. These signs include those you can see, hear and smell. Here are a few indications that your Viera, FL home has faulty wiring.

1. Burning Smell

One of the big signs your electrical wiring isn’t working the way it should is a burning smell. You can often trace the scent back to a specific outlet or area of your home. If you pick up a “hot” smell, it may indicate burnt wiring in your walls.

2. Flickering Lights

Lights can flicker when the bulbs burn out or there is a loose connector. The flickering you see can also happen when you have an issue with your switch or you use the wrong bulb. It’s also a sign that the wiring cannot transfer a steady amount of power to the light, too.

3. Hot Outlets

Homes often have two or more outlets per room. Those outlets should feel cool to the touch, even if you use all of the receptacles. When one or more outlets feel hot to the touch, look into electrical repairs as the heat typically relates to bad wiring.

4. Buzzing Noises

You also want to listen for buzzing noises that sound like bees trapped in the walls. The noise occurs when the electrical current needs to jump from one spot to another.

5. Soot Marks

There’s also a chance that you might see some soot marks on your walls, especially around your outlets. The marks are a big sign that you had an electrical wire spark. Any blackness around the edges of the outlet is a warning sign of a wiring problem.

Knowing when to repair your home’s wiring is easy when you work with a professional team. Call Extreme Air & Electric, LLC whether you need whole-home rewiring or a basic electrical repair.

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