Decorative accent lighting and exterior lighting are great home improvement projects that enhance the ambiance of your West Melbourne, FL, home. Unfortunately, if you don’t install them correctly, they may turn into safety hazards. Here we’ll discuss in brief some of the dangers posed by DIY lighting fixture projects.


When embarking on home improvement electrical projects by yourself, you risk electrocution. You may encounter voltages as high as 240, which can cause severe burns and endanger your life.

High voltage poses risks such as internal body injuries like damage to nerves controlling the heart and lungs. DIY lighting fixtures mistakes are not only dangerous to yourself but also to anyone who attempts to help you by touching you.


Mistakes while doing DIY may lead to electrical fires. Unlike regular fires you can extinguish with water, electrical fires will electrocute anyone who uses water. Some of the common mistakes that can cause electrical fires include:

  • Choosing the incorrect bulb wattage Replacing your general overhead lighting can be simple, but when you use the wrong wattage, you could cause a fire.
  • Using the wrong fuse amperage or size: While doing DIY, you may use a fuse with a higher amperage than what the manufacturer recommends. Such mistakes may cause sparks that could lead to fires.
  • Incorrectly installing switches and outlets: Installing switches and outlets can be a bit complex, especially for the untrained person. Not knowing which wire is alive or neutral and where to fit them may lead to shortcuts that cause short circuits or fires.

Expensive Repairs

Even if you avoid an electrical fire when performing DIY lighting fixture projects, you risk using the wrong products and connections. Such mistakes may lead to electrical failures needing expensive repairs such as rewiring your whole house.

Violation of Codes and Building Permits

You must have a building permit for all significant electrical works. The purpose of these permits is to ensure that the work done meets all building and safety codes. Keep in mind that unlicensed electrical works may attract fines up to $100,000.

Also, violating such laws can result in up to two years in prison, depending on your state. This is another good reason to employ the skills of licensed professional electrical contractors.

Working with professional electricians can prevent all these risks. For all your home lighting fixtures, contact our team at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC

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