Your air ducts are essential in distributing conditioned air throughout your home. Maintaining your air ducts ensures that you prevent leaks that can lower the efficiency of your system. Here are some of the ways your ductwork gets damaged in Satellite Beach, FL.

Poor Installation

Poor duct installation can lead to damages in the future. Loose connections in the ducts can cause leaks leading to high energy bills. You must hire a qualified service technician to install your ductwork to ensure proper installation.

Old Age

Your ducts will eventually wear out with age regardless of their materials. The ducts are in a constant state of expansion and contraction due to the passing of hot and cold air. Over time, they will wear and tear, leading to gaps, cracks, and holes.

Duct systems usually last for about 20 years, but they can last longer if you clean and repair them regularly. After this time, you should start thinking about replacing your air ducts.

Animal Damage

Animals may seek shelter from the heat and cold by hiding in your ducts. They end up causing damage to your ductwork and blocking the airflow. The animals may get trapped in the air ducts and eventually die, producing a foul smell.

You can protect your air ducts and external vents with mesh or screen to prevent animals from accessing your ductwork. You can have your ducts regularly inspected to check for any signs of animal damage.

Heavy Impact

Parts of your ducts that run through the attic or garage can collapse or crush due to heavy impact. When you store things on top of exposed ducts, they exert pressure to lead to dents or collapse of the section. This leads to leaks and lowers the energy efficiency of your system.

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