Palm Bay, FL, is a great place to spend time outdoors, but you have to head inside eventually. A comfortable home lets you recover from the outdoor heat and humidity, and you need good indoor air quality (IAQ) to make that happen. Keep reading to find out how improving IAQ can benefit your home.

Comfortable Humidity Levels

Humidity is a crucial component of great indoor air quality and should ideally stay between 30% and 50%. Excess humidity can make breathing feel rather heavy, attract pests and increase the growth of biological contaminants. Insufficient humidity can mean more nosebleeds, static shock, and dry, irritated skin.

Easier Breathing

Most of the time, your breathing should be something you do without thinking, but low IAQ makes things different. Shallow breathing can cause undue stress in your body, particularly your lungs and heart. Clean air lets your body get plenty of oxygen every time you inhale.

Fewer Bad Smells

Your home’s HVAC system moves air throughout the entire residence. No matter where an odor starts, it can wind up going everywhere. Focusing on improving the indoor air quality of your home reduces all kinds of odors that are distracting and annoying.

Improved Sleep

Your respiration patterns change when you sleep, as your breaths slow down and get steadier. Air is as important when sleeping as during your waking hours, so you start the next day refreshed and ready to go. Airborne allergens and irritation might result in sleep apnea or make it worse.

Reducing Airbourne Allergens

Allergens and airborne particles such as pollen, biological contaminants, dust, and pet dander can trigger respiratory illnesses. Maintaining clean air filters and scheduling routine maintenance help eliminate these factors.

When your home has better IAQ, everyone around you can breathe easier and enjoy improved health. Given how much time people spend indoors, this can heavily impact your household. Contact us at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC for indoor air quality services that can benefit your home in Palm Bay, FL.

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