Owning a pet such as a dog, cat, or bunny often results in pet hair in the air. This can lead to allergies while clogging your HVAC system in Cocoa, FL. Luckily, there are several ways to improve the air quality and maintain your HVAC system as a pet owner.

Brush Your Pets Regularly

It’s normal for pets to shed, but circulating pet hair can block the air system. Brushing your pet regularly allows you to discard their fur instead of letting pieces float in the air. Weather permitting, you can even brush your pet outside to reduce the hair flowing around your home.

Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Cleaning your home regularly can make or break your HVAC system because it reduces the pet hair flowing into the air filters. It’s important to vacuum once or twice a week to pick up the shedding throughout your home. You especially want to run the vacuum after brushing your pet.

Change Your Air Filters Often

Air filters fill up faster in a home with pets, so you want to check your air filters to ensure they’re not covered in pet hair. It’s best to change your air filters every two to three months, and you should change your disposable filters once a month. You can also change the filters to match your pet’s shedding rate, such as pets that shed more during spring.

Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to schedule two annual HVAC maintenance sessions. During the first session, be sure to mention you have pets and want to ensure the filters aren’t covered in hair. By staying on top of your regular maintenance, you can take the steps to expand the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Keeping the pet hair and dander at bay is beneficial for your family and the HVAC system. When it’s time for an inspection and cleaning of your HVAC and air filters, contact Extreme Air & Electric, LLC to schedule an appointment.

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