As fall approaches, you can expect your home in Viera, FL to experience some power losses due to the stormy weather. A backup generator offers a solution to this common problem along with peace of mind. But how do you pick the best option for your home?

Know the Type of Generator You Prefer

There are two main types of generators, namely the portable generator and the standby generator. Portable generators require you to turn them on when the lights go out. These generators use gas for power, which can lead to health and safety issues if not used properly.

Standby generators, as the name suggests, will automatically power up when your lights go out. They require a designated natural gas or propane supply for power. While these devices tend to cost more than their portable counterparts, they are substantially more reliable and safer to operate when professionally installed.

Account for Your Household’s Power Usage

How many appliances in your home require the use of electricity during an outage? Are there any heating and cooling needs for your comfort that require electrical components?

All these are questions that detail your power usage. Your household’s appliances and power needs will determine the right power amount you need for your generator. To make sure you will have sufficient electricity during a power outage, be sure to account for all the appliances you think you will need.

Figure Out Your Preferred Fuel Source

Your backup generator will require either propane or natural gas to power your home’s appliances. Depending on the availability and costs of these fuel types, it’s a good idea to choose a system that will require the least disruption to your home to install.

A backup generator is important for your home because it provides power for your household in emergencies and reduces your dependence on an increasingly unreliable power grid. Contact our professionals at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC so that we can install the right backup generator for you and your home.

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