As the weather cools down, you may be thinking about how to use your heat pump more efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your heat pump during the cooler months in Palm Bay, FL.

Set Your Thermostat Appropriately

During the cooler months, you’ll want to make sure you set your thermostat at a steady temperature. This will help your heat pump to operate more efficiently, and it will also help to keep your energy bills down in Palm Bay, FL. By making these small adjustments, you can save a significant amount of energy and money!

Keep Your Heat Pump Clean

It’s important to clean your heat pump during the cooler months will help it to operate more efficiently and prevent any potential problems. It’s important to check your heat pump’s filters and replace them as needed to ensure that your heat pump is operating as efficiently as possible. Additionally, be sure to vacuum around your heat pump’s outdoor unit to remove any dirt or debris that could impede its performance.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Just like your car, your heat pump needs annual maintenance in order to continue running smoothly. Be sure to schedule an annual maintenance visit with a qualified technician; during this visit, they’ll inspect and clean your heat pump’s coils and blower components, as well as perform any necessary repairs. By investing in annual maintenance, you can extend the life of your heat pump and avoid costly repairs down the road.


By following these simple tips, you can use your heat pump more efficiently during the cooler months in Palm Bay, FL. You’ll save energy and money while keeping your home comfortable all season long. If you have any questions about your heat pump, or if you need to schedule a maintenance visit, be sure to contact Extreme Air & Electric, LLC

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