You likely wouldn’t expect air pollution to be an issue. Indeed, the air quality outdoors is rarely problematic for most people. However, it’s a different story once you step indoors. You may not realize it, but your home’s air quality is likely under threat from a whole host of pollutants. To preserve healthy indoor air quality, it’s important to understand how air pollution works and how it can be controlled.

The Science of Indoor Air Pollution

The air inside the average home may contain all sorts of potentially harmful pollutants. Even worse, many of these pollutants actually originate inside the home. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted from many sources, including furniture, office equipment, building supplies, personal care products, and more. Ovens, stoves, and many other appliances also release combustion byproducts into the air. These pollutants, along with dust and biological contaminants, are easily inhaled. Inside your body, they’re capable of causing health complications that range from mildly annoying to potentially life-threatening issues.

Managing Air Quality Through Ventilation

To be more energy-efficient, many homes are made virtually airtight. An unintended consequence of this practice is that ventilation suffers, trapping pollutants inside and allowing them to reach unsafe concentrations. An easy remedy is to install a whole-house ventilator system. At Extreme Air & Electric, LLC, we have years of experience installing systems that promote healthy ventilation without sacrificing comfort or efficiency.

Active Pollution Mitigation

Achieving balanced ventilation is essential, but some situations call for a more active approach. When it comes to preserving your home’s indoor air quality, nothing is more effective than active pollution mitigation. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we rely on Trane’s air cleaner systems to handle even the toughest air quality challenges. High-efficiency air cleaners can trap up to 99.98% of airborne particles and safely remove them from your home.

Managing the air quality in your home is essential to protecting your health and well-being. With Extreme Air & Electric, LLC, it’s also easier than you might think. For reliable and effective indoor air quality solutions, look no further than our experienced and fully NATE-certified technicians.

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