After floodwaters subside, you need to determine the amount of damage to your heat pump and decide whether it needs cleaning and repair or a replacement. Here are some potential reasons to consider replacing your heat pump after a flood in Melbourne, FL.

Controls Damaged by Floodwaters Are Dangerous

To be safe, experts recommend replacing your heating system after damage by floods rather than repairing it. Damaged controls on the heat pump could lead to an electric shock.

In addition, many things can go wrong when the system has water inside. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, hire licensed technicians.

Repairs Can Be Costly

Although the heat pump may still operate well, its components could stop working later because they incurred damage during the flood. The electrical parts, such as wires, circuits, refrigeration connections, and fuses, may malfunction after coming into contact with water.

Other components, such as the thermostat and pressure relief valves, rust after exposure to water. Although these parts may run for some time, they could later fail, prompting expensive repairs. It would be better to start over with new equipment.

Inefficient Performance

Your heat pump’s performance deteriorates once it comes into contact with water. The insulation surrounding it becomes inefficient because it takes a lot of time to dry. In addition, the excess moisture may corrode the system from the outside.

Pressure relief valves can also corrode, contributing to inefficient performance. Inefficiency puts a lot of strain on the system, leading to concerns like uneven heating in your home.

In addition, inefficient performance increases the energy consumption rate, raising electricity bills. A new unit will be more efficient and save you money in the long run.

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy contractor to replace your HVAC system after a flood? Our company has a team of qualified technicians you can trust to do the job right. Contact us at Extreme Air & Electric, LCC, for heat pump installation in Melbourne, FL, and the surrounding cities.

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