In the past, most people relied on separate heating and cooling equipment for climate control. Many homes used a furnace for heating and a central air conditioner for cooling. That combination is still popular, but homeowners in Melbourne, FL have increasingly turned to heat pumps as an all-in-one alternative. You’ve probably heard plenty of buzz about them, but what can you really expect from owning a heat pump?

Simplified Heating and Cooling

Despite the name, heat pumps are actually very similar to air conditioners. During warmer weather, a heat pump provides the same cooling and humidity control you’d expect from a standalone AC system. The difference is that heat pumps can effectively run in reverse, providing heating whenever temperatures start to drop. A secondary heating source is sometimes needed in colder climates, but that’s certainly not a problem here in Florida. Since it serves as both heating and cooling equipment, a heat pump makes for a very simple HVAC system.

Lower Utility Bills

Even on Florida’s Space Coast, heating and cooling your home can be costly. Most HVAC systems warm your home by generating heat, which is an especially energy-intensive task. Heat pumps, on the other hand, simply concentrate and transport ambient heat energy extracted from the air or ground. This makes them highly efficient and effective in all but the coldest climates. Depending on your existing heating and cooling equipment, a heat pump could save you some serious cash each month.

Gentle and Consistent Comfort

Most traditional HVAC systems use powerful bursts of warm or cold air to manage your home’s temperature. By contrast, heat pumps provide gentler heating and cooling over considerably longer periods. It takes some adjustment at first, but this mode of operation offers real benefits. It keeps the conditions in your home more consistent and avoids rapid changes and uneven temperatures. Longer running times also allow more moisture and pollutants to be removed from the air, providing superior humidity control and air quality.

If you need new heating and cooling equipment, there’s no doubt a heat pump is a fantastic option. To enjoy these benefits and more, make sure your system is installed by a skilled professional. As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor and a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Extreme Air & Electric, LLC is your best bet for expert HVAC services.

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