It may surprise you to learn how much your pets affect the air quality inside your home in Cocoa, FL. Your pets bring such joy into your life, but you may not realize the impact of their dander until it becomes a big problem.

How Pet Dander Impacts Air Quality in Your Home

Some people have an allergy to their pet’s dander without even knowing it because it’s subtle. It’s not always an obvious thing that you have an allergy issue, but you might notice symptoms getting worse over time.

Allergies can become a serious issue and reduce your quality of life in your home. This may not occur until a while has gone by and dander collects in certain places, such as in your HVAC system. Individuals who have asthma often have more respiratory issues when dander is in the air or allowed to collect in other spots.

What Dander Is and How to Avoid Issues

Pet dander consists of a pet’s skin cells, fur, dried saliva, and other particles shed from their bodies. This can collect in air conditioning and heating ductwork and build up, causing your system not to work as well. The dander likely will redistribute into your home and cause problems for people who are sensitive to such allergens.

The best way to remedy this situation is to schedule a duct cleaning as soon as possible. You can have a professional come in and clean out the ductwork in the system. It’s in your best interest to have a professional HVAC technician conduct routine maintenance before the problem gets worse.

Use Air Purification Devices to Help Air Quality

Another option is to get an air purification system to improve your indoor air quality. This consists of a pre-filter that traps the large particles and a second one that is an electronic air cleaner. This gives a positive charge to the particles so that they collect on the negatively charged collection cells.

Contact Extreme Air & Electric, LLC to set up a service appointment for maintenance tasks like duct cleaning and installing air purifiers. Our team is here to serve you and help make your home more comfortable.

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