Airflow is the key factor in indoor air quality and even temperature distribution. Air balancing is essential in ensuring efficiency and proper functioning of forced-air-systems like central AC, a heat pump, and furnace. Many homeowners in Indialantic, FL resort to air balancing to optimize their HVAC systems for consistent airflow and suitable temperatures in their rooms.

What’s Air Balancing?

Air balancing refers to adjusting the HVAC unit to ensure every room gets the correct temperature depending on the climatic conditions for maximum comfort. Besides balancing your HVAC System during installation, it also needs regular adjustments to ensure efficiency and proper functioning.

Balancing doesn’t happen by accident. It calls for careful air balancing procedures by accredited HVAC specialists like us, Extreme Air & Electric, LLC We have all the equipment and skills to achieve even airflow throughout your HVAC system.

Signs That Your Home Needs Air Balancing

A properly balanced HVAC system runs effectively, creating a comfortable environment. Following are the four major signs that your home needs air balancing:

  • Abnormally increasing utility bills
  • Consistent cold and hot spots in some rooms
  • A temperature difference of at least two degrees between floors
  • Vents striving to feed air even when the damper is open

How to Improve Air Balancing

You can consider DIY air balancing or hire a professional. DIY involves adjusting dampers which anyone can do while you must engage a professional for a complex and wide range of tests and adjustments.

DIY Air Balancing

DIY involves dampers adjustment in various rooms and on your HVAC unit duct lines. Most rooms have supply vents characterized by small metal levers that direct more than one metal diverter fin. On duct lines depend on the installation of your HVAC system.

More than one supply duct may have an in-built damper controlled by simple levers outside the duct that open or close metal disks inside a supply line. Turning a lever such that the disk flattens allows more airflow into the rooms while turning it such that the disk turns upright blocks the airflow. If you’re in areas with highly swinging seasonal temperatures, always adjust and balance your damper at the start of winter or summer.

Professional Air Balancing

Pro air balancing involves a more quantitative and extensive approach to air distribution all through an HVAC system. A specialist examines, tests and measures the HVAC system to determine how to achieve optimum air balancing in your home. The solutions may be damper adjustment like the DIY fix or technical, such as installing dampers if they are missing, supply lines replacement with smaller or larger ductwork, fan speed adjustments or changing the HVAC system in the worst-case scenario.

Pro air balancing falls under comfort balance and full air diagnostic and balance. A comfort balance is similar to DIY but mainly involves more elements like blower fans, while a full air diagnostic and balance is more detailed and complex.

Why Improve Air Balance In Your Home?

The HVAC system mainly relies on the ductwork in your house to distribute the warm or cold air. Any issue with your ductwork or system may cause an uneven air distribution or generate negative air pressure in the house. It results in cold drafts, some rooms never attaining suitable temperatures and some areas feel stuffy and more humid than others.

Balanced airflow has many benefits, such as good indoor air quality, greater comfort and lower energy bills since you don’t have to lower the AC temperatures or crank up the heat for the entire house. Poor airflow leads to contaminant build-up such as mold spores, making the room stuffy and stale, reducing the indoor air quality.

Don’t wait until the situation gets out of hand in the middle of summer or winter. For the best HVAC maintenance in Indialantic, FL, contact us at Extreme Air & Electric, LLC

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