A smart thermostat is a wise investment for homeowners in West Rockledge, FL. It can save you money, help you maintain a consistent temperature in your home, and much more. Here’s a look at three ways smart thermostats will help reduce your energy bills each month by up to 20%.

Knows When You are Home

Smart thermostats utilize motion sensing technology to detect movement in the home. Since it knows when you are home and away, it will automatically adjust the air conditioning or, so it doesn’t waste energy. In the case of your AC, your home will warm up a little when you’re away and cool down again when you’re home.

Monitor Energy Usage

Smart thermostats allow you to track how much energy you are using in real-time, and you can get information about the temperature that is in your home, the amount of energy you are consuming, and more. You can make wiser choices about when to run your air conditioning, for instance, if you know the temperature trends outside and the energy that is being used with these temperature trends.

Automated Scheduling

You can create an automated schedule on your smart thermostat so that your air conditioning only runs when it is set to run. You can also create a schedule via your phone if there is an irregularity in your normal schedule, such as a vacation. These schedules will allow for your air conditioning to only be used when you want it to be used, preventing costly energy bills and excessive HVAC maintenance.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Our team can answer any questions you have about smart thermostats in Rockledge, FL. Contact Extreme Air & Electric, LLC today to get more information about smart thermostat installation. We are ready to help you save on your energy costs.

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