Communicating Comfort

At Extreme Air and Electric we are featuring the XV20i and the XV18 quiet air conditioners and the TAM8/Hyperion XL communicating air handler.

The Trane XV20i is one of the industry’s most efficient variable speed air conditioners. The XV20i an d the XV18 both use Trane TruComfort, a system that delivers precise comfort. It adjusts the speed at which it runs so it only uses the exact amount of energy needed to keep you comfortable. It uses smart technology to vary the operating speed and BTU so that as the temperature changes, it runs faster or slower to keep your comfort within 1/2 degree of your thermostat.

The XV20i has a SEER rating up to 21 while the XV18 ranks up to 18 SEER. Both models use communicating technology to connect with your communicating indoor unit, the TAM 8 or Hyperion XL. This allows for automatic configuration and optimizes the performance of these appliances throughout their life.

These are units are ultra quiet, durable and efficient, providing you the overall best comfort for the best price.

One of the benefits of the XV20i and the XV18 is the communicating feature that pairs with the TAM8 or Hyperion XL variable speed air handler. When you install both communicating appliances in your home you can be sure that you are receiving optimal performance in your home HVAC system.

The Tam8 or Hyperion XL is the top of the line air handler in its class. It has an all-aluminum coil that is proven to be more durable than standard copper coils. It has a double-walled cabinet that helps prevent energy loss. This air handler paired with one of our featured air conditioning units work economically, efficiently and has a smaller carbon footprint that other models which provides for a cleaner environment.

Take Control of Your Home Comfort

If you want to add the icing on the cake that is your energy efficient communicating HVAC system, you need the ComfortLink II XL950 WiFi Thermostat.

Trane says, it is not just a thermostat it is an energy command center. And its true. It puts your comfort right in your hands. It connects to each component of your heating and cooling system and can control and adjust temperatures in real time, but it also will remind you when it is time to change your filter or schedule maintenance.

It is a digital control with color touch screen, it gives you room by room control, you can get weather forecasts and live weather reports and access it remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your home comfort can be luxurious with the installation of these three pieces. And the privilege of having communicating technology does not come at a privileged or luxurious price. You also don’t want to ever lose power to your air conditioner, check out our generator services and never worry about losing power again.

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