As you run your heat pump in Palm Bay, FL, you may be wondering how much longer it has to go before it breaks down permanently. You want to prepare for such a time; in fact, you probably want to replace the system before anything dramatic happens, especially in the middle of summer. Below are three signs that indicate it could be time to start thinking about replacing your heat pump

Inconsistent Cooling

By inconsistent, we mean uneven heating and cooling first. After a cycle, you may notice that some rooms have received more cool air than others despite there being no zoning controls on your system. Perhaps you’ve found that the heat pump cycles for an excruciating length of time yet never cools your home.

Whatever the specific issue may be the heat pump is clearly failing to do its job properly. Ask a technician to diagnose the problem and quote you a price for a repair; then, ask yourself if you can justify the cost in light of the heat pump’s age. Anything over 10-15 years old is probably a good candidate for replacement. However, this depends on the consistency of its performance).

Continual Breakdowns

Maybe your heat pump has broken down several times before, and each time you had it repaired. Heat pumps shouldn’t require repairs but a few times a year, so this excessive need for repairs, especially serious repairs, should push you toward a complete system replacement.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A properly working heat pump can help with ventilation and with the maintaining of good humidity levels. Stale air, high humidity, and an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms can point to a system that’s malfunctioning to a point beyond any hope of repair.

Fully Qualified, NATE-Certified Technicians

Call Extreme Air & Electric, LLC, today for AC installation work in Palm Bay. We’re fit you with an energy-efficient system from Trane or Mitsubishi Electric, all for a reasonable price and with the personalized care of a family-run business.

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