Completely replacing the wiring in your home may seem like a daunting prospect, but it comes with major benefits. Homeowners throughout Rockledge, FL should recognize that quality wiring is an essential part of a safe and comfortable home. So, why have whole-home rewiring services become so popular for local residents?

It’s a Matter of Safety

Modern life depends so much on electricity that we often take it for granted and forget its potential for harm. Electricity causes an estimated 51,000 house fires each year, killing around 500 people and causing $1.3 billion in damages. Many of these fires are caused by aging, obsolete, or damaged wiring. Unless your home was just recently built, your electrical system could be a safety hazard. A professional electrician can assess your home and help you evaluate whether the risk is great enough to warrant rewiring.

It’s Great for Added Convenience

From more powerful appliances to the proliferation of electronics, many houses simply weren’t built to accommodate the modern lifestyle. In some homes, that means seemingly never having enough outlets for all your gadgets. In others, the problem may be a lack of GFCI receptacles where you need them most. Whatever the problem, rewiring is the best way to expand your home’s electrical system to meet all your needs. It’s also a great opportunity to install new lighting fixtures, add dedicated circuits, and complete any other projects you desire.

It’s a Smart Investment

If a safer, more comfortable, and more convenient home isn’t compelling enough, consider whole-home rewiring from a financial perspective. Because older wiring can be a major hazard, replacing it may qualify you for substantially lower insurance rates. At the same time, you may also be eligible for better insurance plans that offer greater protection. Additionally, rewired homes tend to be more efficient, meaning lower electricity bills each month. Should you ever decide to sell your home, you’ll even find that new wiring can boost your property’s resale value.

Electricity is a modern marvel that powers our entire way of life. However, it can also be a deadly and destructive force. To ensure your home is capable of safely meeting all your electrical needs, see Extreme Air & Electric’s whole-home rewiring services or dial (321) 351-0018 to schedule an appointment with a professional electrician.

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