Summer gets hot and humid in Melbourne, FL, so a heat pump sending out hot air while in cooling mode doesn’t help. The sooner you can correct this, the faster you can get back to being comfortable. Keep reading to learn some reasons why your heat pump might be putting out hot air when it should be cooling your home.

Thermostat Issues

In many cases, it might just be that someone in your home accidentally put the thermostat on the Fan setting without activating the Cool feature. That’s just going to circulate air already there without changing the temperature. Thermostats might also have faulty wiring or other hardware mishaps that result in miscommunication with the heat pump itself.

Valve Failure

Heat pump refrigerant passes through several valves inside the system. Specific examples include flow valves in both coils, a thermal expansion valve and a reversing valve. Valves rely on electronic components and might degrade or fail over time.

Clogged Filter

The air filter is one of the most crucial elements of your heat pump, and it can get clogged over time. When this happens, it reduces your heat pump’s ability to move air. Poor airflow can result in a frozen coil, preventing proper heat transfer and leaving the air warm.

It’s imperative to regularly replace your air filter and have regular maintenance to keep your system running cold.

Condenser Issues

Grass clippings, leaves, branches and dirt can attach to coil fins in the outdoor unit and prevent proper heat exchange. The compressor that circulates refrigerant is also in the condenser. If you have a faulty compressor, the system won’t circulate the refrigerant, leaving your home too hot.


Two different kinds of leaks can impact your heat pump negatively. Refrigerant leaks reduce the system’s capacity to move hot air out of your home to the outside. Duct leaks mean that your heat pump never gets the chance to push all the cool air throughout your home.

Your heat pump should keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather. If it sends out hot air when you have it in cooling mode, you need the problem identified, diagnosed and fixed. Call Extreme Air & Electric, LLC for heat pump service in your home right away.

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