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As a leading heating and cooling service company, Extreme Air & Electric can help keep you cool and breezy all summer long. Our technicians are highly qualified professionals with the skill to handle all your AC repair, installation, and maintenance needs. We are also committed to educating our customers to help them make informed decisions for their homes.

Air Conditioning Basics

Contrary to popular belief, an air conditioner does not actually cool the air. The system removes heat from the air using a refrigerant to remove the heat and transfer it to the outdoors. As the warm air moves through the lines and coils of the system, the heat is transferred leaving the air cooled when it comes out the other side of the system. During this process, it also removes the humidity from the air.

The four components of an AC system include:

  • Condenser- This is the metal unit that is installed outdoors. Inside the condenser, the gas from the compressor is condensed to a liquid. As the gas enters the condenser, it is hot inside the condenser, the temperature is lowered to convert the gas to liquid form.

  • Compressor- Located inside the condenser, the compressor circulates pressurized refrigerant. This concentrates the heat and changes low-pressure gas to high pressure.

  • Evaporator- This is the unit that is located indoors. It is designed to absorb the heat from the air inside your home.

  • Expansion valve- This valve controls the amount of refrigerant that is in the system.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the cooling efficiency of an air conditioner or heat pump. This number is calculated by the cooling output for a typical season divided by the total electric energy input. A system with a higher SEER rating offers better energy efficiency.

Repair & Maintenance Services

If you are having a problem with your system, our technicians offer services for air conditioning repair in West Melbourne. Regular annual preventative maintenance will help reduce breakdowns and allow you to enjoy longer life for your system. In addition, your air filter will need to be replaced every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations for your system.

Whether you need air conditioning installation, repair, or maintenance, we can help. Call (321) 320-8012 to schedule service.

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